Fly fishing for over 30 years, one thing I can tell you is that sometimes catching fish is not as hard as keeping your footing on slippery riverside rocks. Fly fishing boots help anglers keep their footing, but they can be somewhat heavy and bulky. Heavy and bulky is not a problem any more. I have found a shoe that is light and comfortable – but more important has a good non- slip sole. Astral’s Rassler. The Rassler is great for wet wading in summer when waders are not needed. They are so light that it hardly feels like you are wearing shoes. I spend a lot of time rowing fishing trips on whitewater rivers where I need to get out of the boat to net fish, and sometimes walk the raft slowly downstream. I have always worn felt shoes because they are pretty bomb proof on slippery Nantahala rocks. I was shocked the first day I tried my new Rasslers – the rubber sole with its stealth grip doesn’t slip. Safe to say I have not used my felt soled fly fishing boots this summer.