April is the time for delayed harvest, catch & release, barbless hooks and spawning season.
Nantahala River Fishing

Spring Fly Fishing

Each year North Carolina Wildlife Resource stocks 34 different delayed harvest streams throughout the state.  This gives a variety of outstanding trout fishing opportunities for both instate and out-of-state anglers.
What is a delayed harvest stream?  These are special sections of different rivers throughout the state, where the Wildlife Resource Commission does a fall through spring special stocking program.  These streams are catch and release streams from the first of October through the first Saturday in June.
Single/barbless Hooks.  Until the June opening, anglers are limited to using only single hook flies or artificial lures.  They are encouraged to use barbless hooks to aid in releasing any fish caught.
Stocking schedules.The delayed harvest streams are especially popular during March when all of the hatchery supported stream in North Carolina are closed for spawning season.  Hatchery supported streams are closed to fishing from March 1 – the first Saturday of April.
Enjoying the first of spring fly fishing

Delayed Harvest Spring Fishing

With all the fishing options in North Carolina, anglers need to be careful to check the regulations in order to know when seasons are open, what special regulations apply and which species of fish can be taken or must be returned to the stream.  For all the delayed harvest streams can be found on the Wildlife Resources Commission web site.   In addition, most of this information can be located on the special stream side diamond signs that the Wildlife Commission posts on stream side trees.
Recommended flies for March/early April:
Black, olive and white woolly buggers