Liquid Logic and Big Dog

Liquid Logic and Big Dog have a new Home

Shared by Mary Mills, whitewater kayak enthusiast

I  had an afternoon free and decided to demo some new boats. ERA now has all of the Liquid Logic Fleet for demo and sale and I wanted to check out the Remix. I liked the outfitting, but still up in the air about how much I like it. It handled well, but I think I was comparing it to the Diesel and I need to give it a shot as its own boat.  I will run it again next Sunday down the river. I would appreciate any info from people who have paddled the Remix and Diesel and the Remix and Recon. I would like some comparison from people who have paddled the boats I paddle.

Next up was the Big Dog fleet. Big Dog is fairly new to the US and I wanted to try some out. I tried the Flux which has a full planning hull. I liked it a lot , for those of you that like boats with edges, I would recommend trying it out. It performed like the Diesel, super easy to roll and handled nicely. I also really wanted to try the Force. It has a semi displacement hull. I have been looking for a boat that handles like the Diesel, but super stable. The Force did just that. It really carved well and had great secondary stability. My only complaint was I didn’t think the outfitting was a comfy as the Wavesport line, but I really didn’t have time to figure out how to adjust it and mess with the outfitting .

I am going to spend some time at the Nantahala Open on April 23rd running the different boats through the falls. If anyone wants to demo them ERA has them now and they will be available at the Falls for the Open on the 23rd. Always fun to try out new boats!