Mary Leatherbury Mills
June 22 at 8:45am
Mullet reviewAs most of you know I am a Wavesport gal and I still love my Recon and Diesel, but want something a bit more playful. My leg issues make it hard to sit in a boat comfortably due to nerve and other issues from the recovery and treatment. I am not fitting well in my beloved Axiom. So I decided to try the Mullet. I honestly didn’t think I would like it. I like edges and its just big to be a playboat, there is no way I can fit in a smaller boat at the moment. I paddled it yesterday with Jimmy Jones and Joane Farrrel on the Nanty. As we came through Pattons I couldn’t help but smile. It is just a fun boat. I was really expecting more of the stability of the Recon, but it was nimble, quick, and honestly encourages good posture. I leaned back and engaged the stern coming through there and up it went. It has very good stern balance and just squirted through. The ferry at Delabars went well and it was so fast, I almost made a straight across ferry from river left to river right. It surfed well in whirlpool and I got it in a stern squirt at the rock that is so easy to do them in. I had some issues with eddies at the start till I got used to the displacement hull. It appeared to boof well when I tried it. By the time we hit the Falls, I was non stop smiles. I missed the block rock ferry due to not enough edging, but ferried above the falls beautifully. I went for the left/right line and fell a bit short, so turned and punched bottom hole. One stroke and I was right through no problems,. So honestly the reason I am going to buy this boat is it is just fun. Not sure it has a specific place in my fleet of 4 boats, but it sure made the Nanty super fun. We got out at the ledges for a short break, but my foot and leg never had pain the whole way down the river, which was very nice. It appeared to roll easily and was pretty easy to get to set up even though it is a big boat. So I think I’m heading back to ERA to get the pretty blue mullet that I saw upstairs in their boat loft. If you find yourself on the Nanty, I would swing by ERA and give the Mullet a demo. Yes it is a big boat, but so fun to paddle and river play and still have the stability of a larger boat when river running.