Dave McManness loving life in Ecuador.

Dave McManness loving life in Ecuador.

It’s almost Ecuador season!  And this year two “winners” are included on our rosters.  Dave McManness and Tracy Welch.  Dave will be in Ecuador compliments of bidding on our donated trip to Ecuadorian Rivers Institute and Tracy Welch is the winner of the trip donated to Girls At Play.  Both organizations have been working hard to help support the whitewater community and we could not be happier to have these two joining us!

Ecuadorian Rivers Institute (ERI): Protect Free Flowing Rivers in Ecuador
ERI works hard to increase global awareness of watershed issues in Ecuador, with the hope to minimize the exploitation of the environment and the people who depend upon it.  Currently one of their main priorities is saving the Jondachi and Piatua Rivers.

ERI's Jondachi Fest

The Jondachi Festival is the product of the efforts of ERA, the local community in Ecuador and the paddling community.  Endless River Adventures has supported the Jondachi Fest through the donation of week-long trip.  This year, our good friend Dave McManness stepped up to the plate to support the rivers he has grown to love.  When asked why, Dave’s reasoning was:

“A buddy talked me into kayaking in Ecuador back in 2007. We spent a week with Endless River Adventures paddling in the Quijos valley and Tena area. It was a wonderful experience. Since then I have made many trips to Ecuador to paddle and vacation.   Several years ago I made a donation to the Ecuador River Institute (ERI) Jondachi Legal Defense Campaign to help fight a proposed dam and hydroelectric plant on the Jondachi. I am pleased that ERI has at least delayed the damming of the Rio Jondachi.  However, I recently learned of the proposed dam and hydroelectric project on the Rio Piatua that would eliminate all padding on the upper Piatua. I love the Piatua and Jondachi rivers. They are truly world class rivers. I am proudly making another donation to ERI to fight the damming of both the Piatua and the Jondachi. Plus, I am planning to attend Jondachi Fest this year to help draw attention to the plight of these wonderful rivers.”


Tracy Welch 2016 GAP Winner

Tracy Welch – 2016 GAP Winner

Winning a trip to Ecuador is icing on the cake after participating in the Girls At Play Ladies Southeast Paddling Series.  The GAP Series is made up of seven meet up style events that brought women together on different rivers. From beginner to intermediate rivers, the intention of the series was to build community among women boaters and raise money for the Shannon Christy Memorial Fund. The series raised $4375 for the fund and $670 for AW in 2016. Our sponsors donated some awesome prizes including a Dagger kayak of choice, Werner paddle and Kokatat drysuit. Endless River Adventures and Girls at Play also donated a spot on their trip to Ecuador with Juliet and Anna. The lucky winner, Tracy Welch, gets to experience the adventure of paddling in South America with two of the best whitewater kayak instructors in the industry. Paddling in the tropics, morning yoga and the beauty of the Andes – what more could you ask for?

Don’t let the winning of the trips stop your zeal for supporting these two great efforts.  Or from joining us for a trip this season to see why everyone is so enthusiastic about paddling in Ecuador.  And there’s always next year’s raffles!!

Check out this year’s trip dates and find the one that works for you!