brought to you by Dennis Lyons

First of all a little bio data to frame the discussion. I am 5’11 about 200lbs without gear. The day I paddled the Delta V I carried only a water bottle and float bags. I have paddled about 8 years and comfortable on Class 4/4+, but not interested in anything more.  I have spent virtually all of my creekboat time in the Wavesport Recon 93, but also own a soon to be for sale Dagger Nomad L. I have also spent the last 2 years in a LiquidLogic Braaap with well over 100 days per year in it. Additionally, I will never race professionally so i am glad to see a return to boats that are not 9′.

The Pros – The Delta V has the speed and agility of a river runner with the stability of a creekboat. It holds angles well when ferrying but turns on a dime if you need it to. Eddy turns and peel outs have the familiar feel of the Braaap but needs a little extra push, however is easy and predictable compared to most of the creek boat I have paddled. Surprisingly, the Delta V surfs very well also on both small and large features. If I had to make a comaprison, this is a perfect combination of my two favorite boats of all time the Wavesport Diesel 80 and Recon 93. The 88 gallon size is perfect for me as i am always in the middle of boat sizes and usually have to choose up or down. If the Delta V is as durable as other LiquidLogic boats I have paddled recently it should do very well. For reference, I paddle the Braaap like it is a stolen rental car and have had no issues at all.

The Cons – The new covering on the outfitting was very slippery once it was wet. Ill wear different shorts next time to rule out the material I was wearing. The biggest downside is there is only one size. This boat is outstanding and needs to be available for everyone.