Review Compliments of Mary Mills

I took the Delta V out today on the Nantahala from Surfers through the Falls. I normally paddle a Recon and a Diesel so will compare to them.

First impression was it is wiggly, less primary stability than the Recon, but I got used to that quickly. It does have amazing secondary stability. PROS:. It feels to me that it pivots around a central point under my seat meaning it turns on that point easily. Not sure the technical term for that. It was more obvious than in the Recon or Diesel. The boat just spins on that spot and makes correction strokes easier. I only needed a strong sweep or weak stern draw to correct the angle if lost in a ferry. I got up some speed and picked the paddle up in Hall of Waves to see how it tracked in those waves. It kept going straight through 3 or 4 waves without correction strokes . Eddies were crisply caught, easy to keep the nose where I wanted it to get in the eddy. I caught Billboard eddy and made the ferry to Block rock in about half the effort it usually takes me. I caught Island Eddy and made the ferry to Truckstop with just a few strokes. Falls was a bit larger due to rain. I started the left to right traditional line and it was going great and decided to turn and punch Bottom Hole. Boat went right through without any wiggly or instability. The boat feels like the Diesel does on water, responsive and easy to move about, but is more stable like the Recon. Honestly I feel it is mix between the two. Rolling wise, I am used to the Recon or Axiom. This one was quirky the first time I rolled it, but I had it dialed in by 3rd roll. I think the flat bottom in the center just gave it a bit of hesitation that I am not used to in the Recon. It was easier to roll than the Diesel. Also it was cold and raining and I was solo so didn’t want to spend a great deal of time upside down.

Cons: At first, I felt the stern was a bit more “grabby” than the Recon, but honestly I didn’t by the Falls. I am not good with just jumping in a new boat and being comfortable. I think this would fix itself after a while. I had trouble surfing it at Surfing rapid, but the water was high and I am just not used to it. It is way different of a boat than I usually paddle. I find my knees touched the bulkhead in the thigh hooks. Someone with long legs might have to do some adjustment. I was in a demo boat , so really didn’t outfit it much. The bow can get a way from you a bit like I think all creek boats can so you need good stokes and exit angels coming out of eddies. I am on the fence as to the new material in the outfitting. Not sure I like it or dislike it, but should be easier to clean. I did not boof anything since it was a demo boat, but when I punched Bottom Hole, the nose stayed up with one good forward stroke.

I really want to get this boat on the Ocoee before I make a decision to switch to this one. Even though it is more gallons than any of my boats, This boat didn’t feel large or bulky, it felt more nimble . Endless River has a few in stock, try one out and see if it is the right boat for you.

For more stats on the Delta V, check out the liquidlogic website