Outfitting a helmet is part of what we do to help you get the best fit for the river!

The detail of buying a whitewater helmet is in the fit.  How often have you purchased a pair of shoes, eye glasses or anything else of value, only to realize after that the fit isn’t right? How about a helmet that looked nice on display, but doesn’t seem to fit quite right when you put it on to go kayaking?   If the salesperson had only taken the time to help you choose the right product……

Seeing folks with ill-fitting helmets on the river worries us as much as you.    Your helmet is one of the essential ways you can protect yourself in whitewater. An improper fit can expose your head to direct impact.  We follow a number of rules when it comes to helmets:

  1. All helmets are not created equal.  Ask about the features of each style of helmet so that you make an informed decision.
  2. If the helmet does not fit, then it is not the right one.  Don’t compromise because of style or color or price preference.  It needs to fit properly.
  3. The well known adage: how much is your brain worth.  Don’t compromise. And accept that helmets do not live forever. At a certain point, upgrade if your helmet is old, well-worn, or damaged.
  4. A helmet does not replace good paddling skills, so do not use it as a substitute for investing in your skills.


Selection and fit are where we can play a role in helping you find the right helmet!  When you come to us to purchase a helmet,  we want to see you walk away with the helmet that fits your head the best (which isn’t always the priciest helmet we carry).  We will help you to adjust the helmet so that it offers you the maximum protection.  Sometimes that takes a few tries with a few different helmets, but that is what we believe we are here for. We want you to walk away feeling satisfied not only with your purchase but with the knowledge that your helmet will be able to do the job it was designed for.

Endless River Adventures believes in putting our guests first, and we are happy to go above and beyond. We take that customer service a step further. Even if you already own a helmet and purchased it somewhere else, please feel free to come in for help in getting a proper fit. We are happy to take the time to take the time to help. (We just ask that you come in just about anytime other than a busy Saturday!)

See you on the river!!  Peace – Braden Henry, ERA Store Guru