Our kids camps are just the outdoor vacations
your kids need!

Our kids camps are more than just kayaking.  They’re about socializing with other kids, learning to look out for your fellow river mates, learning river rescue skills, and enjoying the simple things in life like swimming on the river and exploring the ecosystems surrounding the rivers here in western North Carolina.  We believe- and the studies support,  the idea that childrens’ happiness can be derived from experiences rather than material possessions.

We offer two different camps for kids: our annual kayak camps and our new EcoSplash Camps. 

Our Annual Kids Kayak Camps

Our annual kayak camps are for kids who want to focus on kayaking.  These multi-day camps give children the opportunity to immerse themselves in whitewater kayaking. They are all about learning and improving river skills under the guidance of our instructors and fellow young people.   All camp sessions are day camps. We look for you to have your kids at our shop at 9AM. And be there to pick them up at 4PM.  Bonus: It’s the opportunity for you to indulge in some Adult Free time!  Take a little time for yourself to kayak, bike, hike,  shop, spa or just taking some time to explore our beautiful part of western North Carolina.

Our annual 4th of July Camp books up quickly, so call us now to talk about signing up.
In addition, we have weekend camps July 11 & 12 and August 29 & 30, as well as a 3-day camp over Labor Day Weekend: September 05, 06 &  07. Check here for more details on our Kids Kayak Camp Dates

New for 2020: EcoSplash Camp

EcoSplash Camp is for kids who love getting wet and are excited to explore nature.   EcoSplash camp is about collaborative playtime, each day broken into two parts. Part One is river time. For rivet time, kayaks, duckys or rafts are all options, providing the opportunity for young friends to share time together on the river – whether or not they are kayakers. 

EcoSplash Kids Camp: experiences outdoors

The second half of the day will be for exploring the local eco-systems with snorkels in the river, and hikes looking for medical plants and edibles.    We have teamed up with Mainspring Conservation Trust for the youth environmental education segment of our EcoSplash Camps. to encourage hands-on educational activities that allow kids to experience their natural surroundings in a way they wouldn’t be able to inside a classroom.

forget electronis - kids are happier if they get outside

The goal of our EcoSPlash camps is to help young people appreciate collaborative playtime more than toys or electronic gadgets.  Following the studies of child psychologists like Dr. Margot Sunderland, who has written extensively about the belief that experiences like our Kayak and EcoSplash Camps boost long-term happiness and makes children smarter.  It is the combination of supporting children’s explorative urge and their capacity to play. 

Our scheduled 2-day EcoSplash dates include: July 01 & July 02, July 11 & July 12, July 25 & July 26, August 01 and August 02. Stop by our kids camp page for more information...

Oh No! Kayak Camp Dates don’t work for your family?

We offer single and multi-day custom camp dates. We understand that summers are crazy busy. So if our scheduled camp dates don’t work, put a group of kids together (minimum of 4) and we will do a custom camp for the group. 

Families that Play Together

Sometimes adults want to be kids and play with their kids.  We offer private instruction year-round that is perfect for families looking to learn together. 

Have questions?  Give us a call and we will talk you through all the options.

Bryson City and Endless River Adventures offer so many kid friendly activities. Let’s make this year about outdoor experiences in western North Carolina!