April is best month for spring fly fishing

April is the best month for spring fly fishing in western North Carolina

Fishing season for hatchery supported streams will open on the first Saturday of April. The fish have had a months rest so get ready, they should be hungry. Also, the delayed Harvest steams, such as the Upper Nantahala River, Tuckaseegee River and Snowbird Creek are all open until the first Saturday in June. This is the time that Walleye and White Bass will start there run up the tributary streams coming out of Lake Fontana. Add to all of this the Steelhead run out of Lake Fontana and a fly fisherman will have a hard time figuring out where to go first.

Which flies are best for April fly fishing

  • For trout fly fishing:
    Dry fly fun is here! Try Black Caddis, March Browns, Blue Wing Olives, Quill Gordens and Dark Hendrickson. Basically, go by color, Grey is the word for April.
    If they aren’t hitting on the surface, then these nymphs are your best options. March Brown, Golden Stone, Hare’s Ear, and Pheasant Tails.
    To catch a trout worthy of a picture, streamer are the ticket. Wooly Buggers and Zonkers in Olive and Black along with Muddler Minnows are some of your best options.
  • For Walleyes and White Bass big shiny Clouser Minnows and Shad Imatation Streamers will keep you in the action.
  • Steel Head in the mouth of the tributaries will hit the dry fly of the day. One that seems to always work well this time of the year the biggest Dark Hendricks you can find.

Looking to get out on the water and fly fishing while enjoying the beautiful spring weather here in western North Carolina?  Contact us to set up a day of floating the river with us.