EcoSplash Camp

EcoSplash Kids Outdoor Camp

EcoSplash Camp is a day camp for kids who love getting wet and are excited to explore nature.

EcoSplash camp is about collaborative playtime, each day broken into two parts.
Part One is river time. For river time, kayaks, duckys or rafts are all options, providing the opportunity for young friends to share time together on the river – whether or not they are kayakers.
Part Two is for exploring the local eco-systems with snorkels in the river, and hikes looking for medical plants and edibles.
We have teamed up with Mainspring Conservation Trust for the youth environmental education segment of our EcoSplash Camps. to encourage hands-on educational activities that allow kids to experience their natural surroundings in a way they wouldn’t be able to inside a classroom.

Each session is a 2-day camp from 9 AM – 4 PM. For kayakers, the river time will be in their kayak, but they will be sharing their time with others kids in duckys and rafts so everyone can spend time together. Age: 8-12 (call for exceptions)
Price: $300 per session
Session Dates: July 1-2, July 11-12, July 25-26, August 01-02

If these dates do not work for you, call us to arrange a custom
Kids camp this summer for 4 kids.