International Trips

International Travel Trips

Travel Internationally with us to Ecuador and Costa Rica for kayaking, rafting, bird watching, fly fishing and eco-tourism.

Endless River Adventures’ international trips are your ticket to adventure travel. Traveling outside the country provides an opportunity to experience new cultures with a group of like-minded travelers. Our roots are whitewater kayak trips – trips we have been organizing for 25+ years! With so much experience in these incredible destinations, we have expanded our trips to include not only kayaking, but whitewater rafting, fly fishing, bird watching and eco-tourism.

​We take care of all the logistics that would take away from your time enjoying these two very special countries we call our second homes. Our commitment to you is that we will provide a trip that exceeds your expectations. We will share with you a better value trip than you could do on your own. The time you spend with us will leave you feeling inspired and restored of spirit.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page…”

Join us and write your own chapter!

Whitewater Kayak Trips

We have spent twenty-five+ years creating the best kayaking trips to be found in the international community.

It is not just our choice of countries, or the rivers we enjoy in each country, but our eye to detail. Personally running each trip with our own hand-picked group of international guides, we share a deep commitment to the communities in each country. The quality of our trips extends far beyond the paddling (which is the easy part), it is our work immersing you into the wonderful cultures of both Costa Rica and Ecuador that set us apart.

Detailed itineraries and trip descriptions are available for each trip. Please contact us for more information on the trip that interests you. We look forward to talking to you about how we can help you arrange a memorable trip to Costa Rica or Ecuador.

The Rio Quijos Eco Lodge

In both Costa Rica and Ecuador, we are committed to supporting the local businesses that are part of the communities we call home when in-country. In Ecuador, we have expanded our commitment to include a river-side lodge where we base many of our multi-sport trips. The Rio Quijos Eco Lodge is nestled on the Quijos River. Surrounded by 40 acres of nature, you will go to sleep to the sound of the river and wake to the sound of a collection of extraordinary birds. The private beach is the perfect launch spot for kayaking and rafting, as well as our yoga center.

Which Country For Me?

Costa Rica and Ecuador: it is not which country to visit, but which one to visit first.

When trying to decide where to travel internationally – whether kayaking is your number one priority or not, both Costa Rica and Ecuador should be on your wish list. The repeat rate of our trip participants between the two countries is not only a reflection of the quality of trips we run in both countries, but the quality of the countries themselves. Both Costa Rica and Ecuador are known for their eco-tourism, warm cultures, appealing climates and ease of travel. Both countries are so special that they are rarely a “once in a lifetime” experience. In fact, we often have guests who travel to both in the same year, or who flip flop between the two countries every year. Following will help you decide which you will choose for this year’s travel plans.

Costa Rica

If you have never traveled outside the U.S., Costa Rica is a good place to start. The country boasts vast ecosystems to explore — from rainforest to cloud forest to lovely beaches. Along with a great variety of rivers, Costa Rica offers an abundance of fascinating wildlife and flora. Costa Rica is a top vacation destination for international travelers.

  • If you have never traveled outside the US, Costa Rica is a good place to start.
  • Tourism is one of the top three economies of the country.
  • English is commonly spoken in any tourist area.
  • The “colón” is the currency of Costa Rica, but dollars are widely accepted.
  • The infrastructure is very accommodating to a traveler looking for a comfortable vacation.
  • Adding additional must-see stops during your visit to Costa Rica are easy to plan.
  • Wi-Fi is in nearly every hotel in areas close to a city. When traveling to isolated lodges or travel areas, check ahead of time. Cell phone coverage is universal, but you absolutely want to set up an international plan with your phone carrier (including for data) before you arrive.
  • Almost every airline flies in and out of Costa Rica, flights are easy to book and times vary for more options. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and where you should fly into unless you are headed straight to the west coast.
  • We do not have our own lodge in Costa Rica, but we have been using the same hotels for 25+ years, so they feel like home.


The diversity of this country is amazing! In this Inca nation, you have the opportunity to experience the towering Andes, climb snow-capped volcanoes, the Amazon jungle, the Galapagos Islands, and the Pacific Coast–all in one amazing country.​

  • Ecuador is becoming known as the eco-tourism destination of Latin America.
  • Plan on a bit more of an “adventure travel” vacation in comparison to Costa Rica.
  • English is not as commonly spoken throughout Ecuador, so bring your dictionary.
  • The currency of Ecuador is the dollar, but do not bring large bills (a $20 bill can be considered “large” to a small shop keeper or taxi cab driver).
  • Do not be surprised that flights tend to arrive in Quito late at night. The international airport is new and state-of-the-art. Taxis into Quito are readily available.
  • It is easy to set up additional tours, particularly out of Quito.
  • Wi-fi is nearly universal throughout the country. Cell phone coverage is universal, but you absolutely want to set up an international plan with your phone carrier (including for data) before you arrive.
  • The Oriente of Ecuador – destination for the paddling segment of our trips, boasts a “wet season” and a “wetter season,” with weather patterns coming from both the Pacific and the Amazon.
  • Our base in the Oriente is our lodge – the Rio Quijos EcoLodge. Once you settle in, you will not want to leave!

Which Level International Kayak Trip Is Best For Me?

For whitewater kayakers, once you decide on the destination, then it’s a matter of which trip is right for you as a boater. Following are a breakdown of the levels of trips we offer in each country and a sampling of the rivers that will make you feel prepared. In both Costa Rica and Ecuador we offer trips from Class II-III up to Class IV+. Our trip itineraries are designed to paddle classic runs with fellow-boaters, and to enjoy the culture of a foreign country. You are planning a paddling vacation, so please be sure to choose a trip with which you will be comfortable and enjoy. Paddling in a foreign country adds variables not found on “backyard runs” paddlers are used to back home. Rivers can often be remote and access off the river can be limited to impossible. Water levels can fluctuate dramatically in a rain-forest setting (a setting you have in both Ecuador and Costa Rica). It is important that you choose a trip that is suitable for your skill level.

In an effort to help you choose the trip most enjoyable, following is a sampling of rivers under each skill level that we feel are accurate comparisons:


Paddlers on this trip should have a fairly consistent whitewater roll. Rivers that will help you enjoy the trip include:

  • N. Fork of the American, CA (Shirttail Run), CA
  • Wolf River, WI (Sec III),WI
  • Lehigh River (Whitehaven to Rockport),
  • Nantahala River, NC,
  • Section III of the Chattooga River,GA
  • Hiawassee River, GA
  • Lower Pigeon, NC

Paddlers on this trip should have confidence rolling in Class III rapids.  To enjoy a Class III trip, the following rivers will help you prepare:

  • Ocoee, TN (from Second Helping to the takeout)
  • Shoshone Section of the Colorado,CO
  • Lower Section of the Roaring Fork,CO
  • Section III of the Chattooga,GA
  • Chili Bar Section of the South Fork of the American,CA
  • Brown’s Canyon of the Arkansas,CO
  • Westwater Canyon of the Colorado,
  • Deerfield River,
  • French Broad River, NC
  • Pigeon River, NC

This trip is for paddlers who run an occasional Class IV rapid, but prefer a Class III river with the option of Class IV rapids.  Paddlers should be comfortable on rivers such as:

  • S. Fork of the American (Riverton to Peavine), CA
  • Kern River (Miracle Run), CA
  • Numbers of the Arkansas River, CO
  • Wolf River (Otter Slide to Big Smoky), WI
  • Ocoee River (with no trouble at Broken Nose), TN
  • Section III and III+ of the Chattooga (including Bulls Sluice), GA
  • Lower Gauley River, WV
  • New River, WV
  • Lower Youghiogheny, PA
  • Lower Tellico River, TN

    This trip is for paddlers who run an occasional Class IV rapid, but prefer a Class III river with the option of Class IV rapids.  Paddlers should be comfortable on rivers such as:

    • S. Fork of the American (Riverton to Peavine), CA
    • Kern River (Miracle Run), CA
    • Numbers of the Arkansas River, CO
    • Wolf River (Otter Slide to Big Smoky), WI
    • Ocoee River (with no trouble at Broken Nose), TN
    • Section III and III+ of the Chattooga (including Bulls Sluice), GA
    • Lower Gauley River, WV
    • New River, WV
    • Lower Youghiogheny, PA
    • Lower Tellico River, TN

      Paddlers on a Class IV trip should have a solid whitewater roll, preferably on both sides.Boaters should be comfortable catching eddies and making moves on Class IV rivers such as:

      • Section IV of the Chattooga
      • the Upper and Lower Gauley
      • Upper Youghiogheny,PA
      • Lower Tuolumne, CA
      • Royal Gorge of the Arkansas or Slaughter House Section of the Roaring Fork, CO
      • Upper Ocoee River, TN
      • North Chick Creek, Gorge Section, TN
      • Little River in the Park, NC
      • Upper Tellico River, TN
      • WIlson’s Creek, NC

      This trip is for paddlers who paddle Class V rapids, but prefer Class IV runs. On Class IV+ trips, paddlers should be comfortable paddling on new, unfamiliar runs, where boat scouting is more the norm than the exception. Paddlers should have and use a roll on both sides. Class IV+ paddling includes being able to handle running high water runs on:

      • Section IV of the Chattooga, GA at levels of 1.8 – 2.2
      • Slaughter House, Numbers of the Arkansas, CO
      • North Fork of the Skykomish, WA
      • the Cal Salmon
      • Upper Gauley, WV
      • Pine Creek of the Arkansas, CO
      • Cheoah River, NC
      • Cain Creek, TN
      • Narrows of the Green River, NC
      • Watauga River (Guys Ford to Lake), NC

      ​If you need assistance in choosing which level trip is best for you, please contact us, at 828.488.6199, and we can help you assess your skill set and choose which trip will be the most fun for you.

      Have a mixed group of boaters that all want to paddle together – or a non-paddler or two that wants to come along? We have more flexibility in Ecuador, so check our trip dates for a week that would work best for the group as a whole, and then we will work with you on a custom trip that will satisfy everyone’s idea of a great week both on and off the river.

      ​A note about your roll:
      Your trip is scheduled for later in the season, when many boaters have already called it a season at home. Come on this trip with confidence in your whitewater roll. If you have been having problems with your roll this past season, plan on spending a day or two at the pool before your trip or book a day of instruction with us. You will have a much better time!

      Included in the cost of your trip

      Friendly Professionals

      From your first interaction with our NC-based river professionals, to the hand-picked guides that will be part of your international experience, we love sharing our passion for travel with you.

      All Equipment

      For our whitewater trips, kayaks and rafts are provided. We have a large selection of white water kayaks, steering more towards river runner/creek boats, but we also have river running playboats. Plan on bringing your essential pieces of paddling gear. For all our trips, we provide a packing list to help with trip preparation.

      All In-Country Transportation

      From the moment we pick you up at the airport, our private transportation will be with you throughout your trip. We consider our drivers the most important “guide” you will have on your trip.

      Not included in the cost of your trip: alcoholic beverages, tips, transportation to airport post-trip.

      lncluded: guides, boats, lodging, meals, in-country transportation.

      Make Your Reservation

      We understand choosing an international destination is an exciting and can be overwhelming. We WANT to speak with you about it. Please call with any questions you have regarding an international kayaking experience as we would love to speak about you about some of our favorite places on earth.

      ​Have a group of friends that you want to share a week with? Custom groups are welcome. We offer custom itineraries for rafting, kayaking, cultural exploration and more. Ecuador and Costa Rica are treasure chests for international travel and we want to help you make the most of your trip.

      Payment Policy:
      For all our trips, a deposit is required at the time you make your reservation. Due dates for trip balances depends on the dates of your trip. Please be prepared to pay by check, Visa, MC, Discover or American Express.

      There is a cancellation policy in line with each trip itinerary. We highly recommend that you look into trip insurance as last minute accidents/changes/life demands sometimes do happen and we cannot refund your trip after the cancellation date.

      You may cancel up to the specific cancellation date for your trip and receive a full refund. After the cancellation date, money is not refunded unless someone fills your spot on the trip, at which time all money will be refunded.
      Please note that ENDLESS RIVER ADVENTURES cannot be responsible for changes or cancellations made due to extreme weather or water conditions that may alter the trip, or personal situations that might cause you to have to cancel your reservation at the last minute. We highly recommend that you look into trip insurance when you purchase your airline ticket.